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Why work out pre-wedding?

Let’s face it – Weddings are stressful! Finding the perfect dress, picking color schemes, catering, venues, invitations, getting a photographer and so much more is what makes brides want to pull their hair out. Of course, every bride wants to look perfect in her wedding dress as she walks down the aisle towards her future husband. No, losing your love handles isn’t going to make you a better bride. It is about the CONFIDENCE that you will have as you walk down that aisle for everyone to see your gorgeous dress and rockin’ body! Working out not only will give you confidence as you walk down the aisle with all eyes on you but it will relieve that unwanted stress from planning, dealing with in-laws, and seating charts. It will also give you more energy throughout the day so you can focus on tasks at hand. 

When should you start working out?

Establishing your timeline will be your first step. Things to consider are going to be when your final dress fitting is, what is your target weight, are you new to exercise or currently in an exercise program and just need to ramp it up.

Once your timeline is set you can start planning your workout program. The more time you have, the more you can change and get a better result before the big day.

You also have to be realistic. Don’t cause unnecessary stress by vowing to lose 50 pounds in two months. You can safely lose between 4-8 pounds a month. So, if you’d like to drop 10 pounds, you need at least 5-10 weeks.

Put it in your calendar to go workout so you have that accountability. Treat it as an appointment that you can’t miss.

How do I get started?

Planning a wedding is stressful and busy. Adding in a workout program doesn’t need to add to it. Fitness team professionals here at TeamFit have developed a program for all fitness levels and limitations that is a fully integrated, all-inclusive package consisting of everything you need to prepare to fit into your dream dress. We have 4 separate packages for the lovely Brides, bridal party, the family of the bride & groom as well as just for the groom! Get educated on weight loss, fitness, and nutrition. Meet with a nutritionist or a trainer to gain a solid understanding of how you start your regimen. There are 3 basic principles that every bride should get familiar with before getting started – Cardiovascular exercise, good nutrition, and strength training. By sticking to these 3 basic principles you will reach your goals in a healthy, sustainable way before the big “I DO”.


Nutrition will either make or break your fitness goals. Without eating a proper, healthy diet to supplement your workouts you won’t see those results as fast. I suggest meal prepping ahead of time so when you are on the go, you are already prepared and not tempted by the fast food that will only make you feel sluggish and tired.

Make sure you are not slowing your progress by starving yourself. Not eating enough will sabotage all the hard work you have put in towards your goals. When you go without eating or eating too little, your body will begin to hold on to the calories you consume and store it as fat. When we consistently feed our bodies, in a healthy and nutritious way, our bodies will continuously burn fat throughout the day.

Whether or not you decide to start a new workout routine (or amp up your existing one), the amount of extra running around you’ll be doing requires some serious fuel. Here are some easy tips and guides to eating well while on the go and planning a wedding: Nutrition Tips.

See Your Success Story Unfold

Reach all your fitness goals in a really fun, energetic, healthy, and sustainable way