Motivation to Dedication

Motivation to workout is what gets you out the door and into the gym.

Discipline is what keeps you going when motivation fades.

The secret to being forever dedicated, rain or shine, has been sought after for centuries with periodic celebrities coming up with the magic formula for amazing weight-loss and epic body transformations.  All that’s necessary is to spend lots of money buying their program and you’re off to the races. By the time you’ve bought into 4 or 5 of these miracles, you start to suspect you’re being taken advantage of.

As it turns out, miracle programs may not be necessary. A simple change in perspective may be all you need to fuel your personal transformation. (note that I said a “simple change”, not an easy one) Each of us has all the discipline we need to accomplish our goals within ourselves. It’s been there all along. Feeling skeptical? I understand completely.

Let me provide some proof:

Learning how to walk

Learning to ride a bike

Passing algebra in high school

These are all pretty big steps early in life but they didn’t seem all that monumental because not succeeding at them wasn’t an alternative. You just kept working at it until you won. Let’s fast forward a decade or two. You made it through four years of college and, along the way, took a lot of classes that were really difficult, boring, or both. As difficult as they were, you made yourself get through them because failing would have been ridiculous. Now we’re on to full-on adulthood. Time to put a life together. You’re the ultimate multi-tasker. Successfully managing a career, home ownership, raising a family and all at the same time. Pretty impressive when you think about it. These are all really big and often daunting challenges but you found a way to push through it because failure was inconceivable. They were too important to ever consider giving up. These accomplishments didn’t feel like epic displays of discipline. They just seemed like the responsible things to do.

I think you’d agree, maintaining your body and your health is pretty important.

The consequences of letting the only body you have break down on you are, arguably, more tragic than failing any of your earlier challenges. So, why does something as important as maintaining our health and well-being so confound us? The answer lies in our expectations of ourselves.  In all of the earlier challenges in our lives, there was no acceptable alternative. If you sucked at math, you got tutoring to get past it. If you took a job you didn’t like, you kept coming to work until you found a better one. That was the responsible thing to do.

So, here’s your secret. The miracle answer to overeating, obesity, premature aging and unnecessary frailness.


The answer is to stop looking at a healthier lifestyle as an optional thing that you may, or may not, get around to at some point. Instead, start looking at it as another challenge in your life that has no acceptable alternative to succeeding.

Here are some early life insights that can keep you on track:

Skipping class…

We’ve all skipped a class or two in school or called in sick to work just because we didn’t feel like going in today but we also knew, if we did that too often, we’d fail the class or get fired. Everybody misses a workout or eats the wrong foods now and then. Get back on track the next day and get back to work.  Don’t make Monday’s choices be an excuse for skipping Tuesday.

Keep trying different things until you find the one for you but don’t be a quitter…

If morning workouts fly by with you slamming the snooze button (5, 6, 7, 20 times), consider trying this trick from Jessica Cody Lessner from Boothbay:

“I often sleep in my workout clothes. It sounds funny, but it makes getting up at 4:45 AM so much easier.”

And since putting on your workout clothes can help get your head in the game, you wake up in the right mindset: ready to sweat. (OK, coffee first, then sweat. We’re only human.) (Still find it hard to wake up?  Find out why you’re tired all the time.)

Peer pressure…

Nope, it’s not new. As children, we all had accountability to our group of friends. If you had soccer practice at 8:00, it was never acceptable to skip. Get your current BFF’s involved or find a few new ones that’ll hold you to your commitment.

“Some clients have had close friends keep embarrassing ‘before’ pictures of them with instructions to release the picture on social media if they don’t stick with their workout plans…medieval!” says David Jack, performance specialist and founder of the activLAB at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix. “But it’s worked.”

Dream big, make this a LEGENDARY adventure…

Reshaping your body and your lifestyle are a huge milestone in your life. Embrace the adventure and share the process. You’re molding a piece of art. Chronicle your achievements along the way on your Facebook page. You never know who else may be inspired to keep going after seeing your progress.

So, remember, getting fit and healthy is going to be a life changing adventure but it is, by no means, any more daunting than some of your earlier accomplishments. Resolve that failure is no more optional now than not graduating was back then.

The discipline has been inside you all along, just waiting to be channeled for your transformation.

TeamFit Ft Worth is here to turn your determination into solid results with fun classes, awesome teammates and personal coaching to get you to your goals.

decide. commit. SUCCEED.

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