Personal Training

If you are looking for more direction with your fitness goals personal training is for you. Personal Training is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. You will be set up with an individualized workout program that your trainer will assist, educate, and motivate you to get your results faster.

Partner Personal Training

Working out with a friend no only adds to the motivation and accountability but it is also fun! With partner personal training you and your friend/family can workout together each having personalized workouts tailored by your personal training. Cost of the total package will be split between both of you.


Let’s face it… eating right is hard! Not only does it take self-discipline, self-motivation, and knowing what you are doing but it also takes time planning out all those meals that correlate with your specific goals. As we all know, we are all different. We all have different body types, metabolisms, food preferences, goals, fitness levels and busy schedules. How could 1 generic food plan work for all of us? IT CAN’T. With our 7-day personalized meal plan, you are getting a meal plan that is specifically tailored TO YOU. Factors that help us in the development of your meal plan is your current eating habits, your age, weight, activity level, ethnicity, your food preferences/food allergies and YOUR SPECIFIC health and fitness goals. Through our database you are able to edit your own meal plan if you choose by getting TONS of options to swap for something else that still fits within your plan – don’t worry our system does all the calculating for you ;). All meal plans are created by Brenna Hicks, Certified NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

See Your Success Story Unfold

Reach all your fitness goals in a really fun, energetic, healthy, and sustainable way