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Personal Training

Sessions Price
1 Session $55
8 Sessions $400
12 Sessions $565
20 Sessions $900

Partner Personal Training

Total price is split between both individuals

Sessions Price
6 Session $636
12 Sessions $1000


Yes. You can attend up to 3 classes per month for $15 per class. With a membership, you have unlimited access to attend any of our classes per month. *Drop-ins are not guaranteed a spot in class if session is full. Please call in advance to see if spots are available.
Autopay allows us to minimize the time and processing costs required to collect dues each month. Savings on administrative costs is one of the ways we use to keep membership and personal training costs from rising. However, you can always make a payment in advance of the billing date and your card will not be charged for that month.
Yes, we can put your membership on hold for up to 60 days. After 60 days, membership dues will automatically resume.

You can reserve your spot in any class up to two weeks ahead by going on our website or using the MemberConnect app on your smartphone. You may also call us to check availability and reserve your spot. You can also see who else is already booked and nudge your teammates to reserve their space as well.

You can log-in from our website, or download the Zen Planner Member Connect app and manage your account from your phone.

At this time, TeamFit is a private small group fitness studio. The studio is only open during class times and scheduled private sessions. For class times and facility hours, please visit our Schedule page or use our app to view and reserve class spots.

At TeamFit, we don’t want you to just be another face in the crowd. We allow up to 7 participants per class to ensure everyone can develop a connection with their coach and teammates.

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