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Meet Cy Ann Gomez

I have been active in fitness my whole life. I signed up for every 5k and 10k I could talk my parents in to starting at the age of 9 yrs. old. I ran long distance in track, did long jump and played volleyball in Jr High & High School.

Then life happened.

In 2012, I had a medical issue that required surgery and in that surgery, I went into cardiac arrest two times. The doctors say that because I worked out, was in good health, my heart has absolutely no damage from those heart attacks.

While recovering from this surgery GOD spoke to me & I was convinced that Personal Training is my calling… to help others learn to take care of themselves, teach people of all ages & fitness levels to be healthy which could help them to live a longer healthier life. It saved me…

Why not pass it on to others so they can save themselves?


  • Programs I teach:
    • Personal Training, POUND, Fit Camp, Yoga, Aquatics, CPR/FA Instr, Home School PE
  • Training Strengths:
    • Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Modifications for All Fitness Levels, Overall General Fitness for Health
  • Certifications:
    • ISSA CFT, Pound Pro, SCW Yoga, Group X, AEA Aquatic Fitness, ASHI BLS Instructor, LiveStrong Cancer Survivor Instructor
  • Fitness Hobbies:
    • Strength Training & Crushing Goals