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Meet Dennis

The biggest transitions in our lives are very seldom complex……

Making the choice to become fit and healthy wasn’t complicated either. I looked in the mirror and realized “I MUST change.” I told myself countless times that “I should” or “I need to.” Those phrases were generally followed up by resolving to start working out next week or after the holidays or after the dinner party. Sound familiar? I made the decision, but I knew I needed a plan and a support system if I was going to make this transformation happen. Brenna Hicks was the coach I needed to put the plan to work.

On February 27, 2015, I had just returned from a seven-day cruise full of wine and fabulous food at my highest weight ever. I was committed and motivated but in very poor shape. I was over 255 pounds at just 5’8”, struggling with high cholesterol, aches and pains, and a diet of fabulous food and wines that was packing pounds on faster than I could ever hope to work off.

I’ve struggled with my weight for all of my adult life. Losing 20-30 pounds multiple times only to gain it all right back. That cycle continued for a long time, but by the time I turned 50 it was dramatically harder to get the pounds back off. By the time I’d walked into the YMCA, it was clear to me that the old plan was not going to cut it any longer. The last time I’d been in even reasonably good physical shape was a decade earlier. Looking in the mirror, I saw someone with an incredibly blessed life who was jeopardizing everything he loved and looked 20 years older than he should.

I was on the fast track for a short wasted life.

I told Brenna I wanted her to push me hard every day and she took me at my word. Initially, everything about the workouts were hard but always fun and positive. Brenna was there to encourage me and had the knowledge and training to personalize the exercises to make them doable, but she never allowed me to coast through a workout without giving it all I had. Most importantly, Brenna made the process fun and sustainable.

The most important lesson I learned: If your improvement plan is not part of a permanent lifestyle change, progress will be fleeting. There’s no magic bullet to get you to your goals. The trade-off for all your efforts is you get to keep the body and fitness level you’ve always wanted for the rest of your life. That’s a pretty good deal….

As we worked on the fitness portion of the plan and slowly progressed, we started to make the necessary adjustments to my diet. Why? The idea of going through all that work in the gym only to sabotage my progress through poor eating and drinking, without any moderation at all, would have been ridiculous. Adding a consistent fitness component to your routine will always help, but if you don’t eat right, you’ll be forever out of shape, just gaining at a slower pace.

Fast forward a year. Combining our workouts and eating right allowed me to not only lose 75 pounds by year-end but also complete 13 half marathons in 2015, concluding in back-to-back races on New Years’ Eve and New Years’ Day.

Making the decision and committing to fulfilling it has left me transformed both physically and internally. Everything we’ve done in the process has been sustainable, simple and fun so I know I’ll never have to make up that lost ground again.

We opened TeamFit with a clear objective. To provide an affordable, structured support system, with an integrated plan including both fitness and nutrition coaching as well as an absolute commitment to our clients’ success for anyone who’s truly made the decision to make a change.

So, that’s my journey up to now.

Brenna and I cannot wait to see even more dramatic and exciting stories unfold as we go forward. As I mentioned at the start, all your health and fitness goals come down to just 3 little words on your part, coupled with your coach and support team to move you forward.