Consider Moderation, yes, even on the weekends.

Weekends are hard. I understand. It is summer and you have vacations, family get togethers, outings with your friends, days by the pool grilling out..

I’m not suggesting that you skip the next party or vacation, instead use these 3 Moderation Techniques to get all the fun without the regret or bloating…

?1. Employ the 1:1 Water-to-Drink Ratio.

In between every calorie-based drink that you enjoy, drink a full glass of water. This method slows down your liquid calorie and alcohol consumption, which means that you end up lighter, more hydrated, and less hung over.

?2. Choose One Indulgence Per Meal.

Instead of getting the burger, fries and milkshake choose one indulgence per party-vacation meal, keeping the bulk of your meal wholesome. Focus on enjoying that one indulgence to the fullest!

?3. Secure the Perimeter.

A party, a vacation, a cheat day. These are all wonderful concepts…when you keep it contained to a predetermined amount of time. Put a firm start and end time to your food and drink shenanigans and keep with the schedule to contain the caloric damage.

Use these tips and see how just the smallest little changes overtime will help progress you to your health and fitness goals. Contact me today so we can help you jump start that motivation to hit your goals!

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