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Meet All of Your Health and Fitness Goals

You are one simple decision away from the body and fitness level you’ve always wanted. Reaching all of your fitness and health goals isn’t complicated. It’s pretty simple, but not easy (nothing worthwhile ever is).

Health & Nutrition


Tangible Results

Committed Coaches




  • A coach by your side
  • A team of supporters
  • Meal planning support
  • Ongoing progress tracking


  • Integrated
  • Intensive
  • Accessible

  • Affordable


  • Fun workouts that are always changing

  • Nutrition assessments and planning

  • Tangible, concrete results

  • Sustainable, regardless of where you start

See Your Success Story Unfold

Reach all your fitness goals in a really fun, energetic, healthy, and sustainable way



Meet Brenna
Meet Brenna
I’ve been active in sports all my life.

Health and fitness became my life’s passion while attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. In 2012, I began training clients from various demographics and fitness levels. While there, I trained a very diverse clientele including pre/post-natal mothers, elite athletes, stay at home moms, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, seniors, and individuals with specific medical and physical limitations.

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Meet Cy Ann
Meet Cy Ann
I have been active in fitness my whole life. I signed up for every 5k and 10k I could talk my parents into starting at the age of 9 yrs. old. I ran long distance in track, did long jump and played volleyball in Jr High & High School.

Then life happened.

In 2012, I had a medical issue that required surgery and in that surgery, I went into cardiac arrest two times. The doctors say that because I worked out, was in good health, my heart has absolutely no damage from those heart attacks.

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Meet Mitzi
Meet Mitzi
I was an athlete in High school and have been involved in some form of fitness training since shortly after graduating. I’ve always enjoyed exploring the various types of fitness programs. There is so much out there and I like to be educated on all that I can. With my children grown, I was finally in a place that I could leave corporate America and do what I wanted to do. It has been the best journey and of course I wish I had done it years ago. I love the connection and being a part of celebrating peoples achievements. Educating people on nutrition and seeing the light bulbs finally go off makes me smile the most.

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Meet Dennis
Meet Dennis
The biggest transitions in our lives are very seldom complex.

Making the choice to become fit and healthy wasn’t complicated either. I looked in the mirror and realized “I MUST change”. I told myself countless times that “I should” or “I need to.” Those phrases were generally followed up by resolving to start working out next week or after the holidays or after the dinner party. Sound familiar? I made the decision, but I knew I needed a plan and a support system if I was going to make this transformation happen.

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See Your Success Story Unfold

Reach all your fitness goals in a really fun, energetic, healthy, and sustainable way